A Note About Charity

I am often asked to perform for charitable and fund-raising organisations. Always I am delighted to accept in the hope of helping to raise funds for good and worthwhile causes. I am pleased that organisations are able to raise substantial sums of money from events at which I perform, largely thanks to the efforts of their local supporters.

When I perform for a charitable or fund-raising cause I keep my costs to a minimum and quote a reduced overall fee. However, I always have to bear in mind that I am running a business and am not able to perform free of charge.

Approximately once or twice a year I do not include my own fee in the price I quote.

In 2012 I supported Enya`s Help for Histio. www.facebook.com/pages/Enyas-Help-for-Histio/175948702489207 with a performance of “Ten Days .. that shook the Kitchen” at Kings Sutton Memorial Hall on 19th September.

In 2013 I supported the Friends of Amasango School www.amasango.org.uk with two performances of “Double Booked” at Wellesbourne Village Hall on 26th January, the Chernobyl Children`s Project and and all the charities supported by the event on 6th October in memory of Vanessa Rose.

In 2014 I supported Playbox Theatre Company with a performance of “Double Booked” on 5th February.

In 2015 I supported St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne with a performance of “The Comedy of Parenting”, all proceeds of which went towards the purchase of temporary staging for use in the Church and other village venues.

In 2017 I supported the Friends of Welcombe School with an after lunch talk.

In 2018 I presented “From the Pillory to the Prison Cell” to raise funds for the Prison Reform Trust

I would be very grateful if charitable and fund raising organisations did not ask me to support them with a full fee waiver. My choice of charity(ies) to support in this way are made at an entirely personal level and on the assumption that every charity with whom I come into contact needs to raise as much money as possible. I am not able to do it very often and I usually make decisions about which charity(ies) to support in this way well in advance. My heart wants me to support every single one. My accountant tells me that I cannot.